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Thora Gunnarsdottir

Thora Gunnarsdottir´s works evolve around physical and psychological questions regarding the individual and one’s environment and the constant negotiations between the two. She is deeply interested in cultural heritage and how it influences us in everyday life. Most recently she has been investigating the influence nature has on the individual through her own fascination with the ‘Magpie’ bird. 
Through interviews, sounds, drawings, photographs, events and expeditions, she attempts to address the influences our heritage, ancestors and social environment have on our decision-making and reactions to our immediate surroundings. 

"My works are explorations. In them I explore the individual and his interactions with his environment. Sometimes these factors are very visible and defined but most of our interactions are unconscious reactions based on adaptability and adjustment. The thin line between our environment and us is a constant process of negotiations."

We all carry a baggage that is our past. Though our connections with our ancestors, upbringing and culture we are nurtured, developed and shaped. Exploring this in action has been of special interest to her. She uses various methods of explorations that have resulted in cartographical experiments and extensive researches.