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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Vasylyna Buryanyk

Vasylyna Buryanyk

My artistic practice usually deals with environmental and social issues in Ukraine and the rest of the world. The process of creating and contemplating my panels and installations is usually quite meditative. This gives me the opportunity to talk about acute, pressing issues with the least resistance, to get time and emotional corridors for dialogue about the important. For me, the concept of creation is identical to the concept of research. When a work comes into being, partnering phenomena such as water, light, wind created by air blowers, or with chemical compounds, you are forced to constantly observe and learn. There is a lot of inspiration in all this.

All works are made by me from transparent nylon fabrics, allowing me to present rare textile art at the national level. Proof of this is the fact that over the past few years, my textile projects have been nominated for such honorary awards as the Gaude Polonia Scholarship Program of the Minister of Culture is intended for young creators of culture and translators of Polish literature from Central and Eastern Europe (2013 Warsaw, Poland), Second National Biennial of Young Art (2019, Kharkiv Ukraine) the First Sculpture Prize of Ukraine M17 Sculpture Prize (2020, Kyiv, Ukraine) and 17 International Triennial of Tapestry (2022 Lodz, Poland).

Date of residency: 11. 10. 2022 –15. 12. 2022

The residency is a part of the project Ruritania and Other Edges of the World supported by the Program EU Creative Europe.