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Viktoriia Tymonova

Viktoriia Tymonova Viktoriia Tymonova Viktoriia Tymonova

Viktoriia Tymonova (b.1996, Ukraine) is an artist who explores nostalgia, fiction, magical thinking, conspiracies and postcolonial trauma. Viktoriia creates her photographic projects guided by her journalistic interest to explore all the intricate details of imaginary and non-imaginary worlds and situations inside them. She is currently working on a long-term project about Ukrainian witchcraft that Viktoriia plans to develop during the MeetFactory residency.

She has cooperated with cultural organizations such as PLATO Gallery (Czech Republic), Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (Ukraine), Artsvit (Ukraine) and has participated at photography festivals such as OFF Bratislava (Slovakia) and Circulation(s) Festival (France).


2023 – present  UMPRUM, Fine Arts IV studio/Critical Optics, Prague, Czech Republic

2020 – 2023  University of Ostrava, Photography studio, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2014 – 2020  Oles Honchar National University, Mass Communications, Dnipro, Ukraine


2019  Final exhibition of the Artsvit Residency Program, Artsvit, Dnipro, Ukraine

2021  Fotofestival Uničov, UFF 11, Uničov, Czech Republic

2021  I could have known you, but I never did, Komnata Gallery, Zlín, Czech Republic

2023  Let the long. Road. Lead. To. Stairs in. The Heavens, PLATO, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2023  Let the long. Road. Lead. To. Stairs in. The Heavens, DCCC, Dnipro, Ukraine

2023  Festival Circulation(s), Le Cenquatre Paris, Paris, France

2023  Festival Circulation(s), L'Hôtel Fontfreyde – Centre photographique, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Date of residency: 01.02.2024 – 30.06.2024