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Willy Schulz

Willy SchulzWilly Schulz


Willy Schulz creates special scenarios with everyday objects through reproduction or rearrangement. 
His work deals with the materiality, iconography and dominance of social values and constraints within the modern world in which we find ourselves. 
His form of presentation is mostly sculptural or installative up to whole exhibition concepts which deal with one certain topic (for example the exhibitions: Blood, Sweat and Shoes or La Scuderia). 
For Schulz it is important to witness that every action, every decision and every step leaves its mark: Every material has its history, every object has its history. 
It is not just any stone. It is exactly this stone. It is not just any piece of plastic but just this piece of plastic.


- started studying Fine Arts 2014 at the HFBK Dresden,
- 2014/15 Orientation year with Prof. Barbara Wille and Prof. Robert Klümpen
- 2015 in the class of Prof. Peter Bömmels 
- Since 2016 in the class of Prof. Wilhelm Mundt. 
- From October 2019 he Is studying at the Kunstuni Linz in the Class of Ali Janka and Tobias Urban (Gelitin)

Selected exhibitions:


- Concept and curation of "Blood, Sweat and Shoes" at the C. Rockefeller Center

- the Rock-underwater Exhibition by Tobi Keck, Brandis by Leipzig

- Pieces for Kalbe by Manuel Frolik, Kalbe

- Art for Humanism at Lipsiusbau (SKD) Dresden

- Reclaim your Brain, C.Rockefeller Center


- MMA-Willy Schulz, Stefan Brock, Caroline Beach, Aaron A. Arnoldt, Charles A. Washington-Modular/ Greenhouse Berlin

- Existenz, Oktogon Dresden?

- WINNING-Soloshow Willy Schulz, Ex14 Dresden?

- Search and Enjoy,, C.Rockefeller Center Dresden?

- Blue, Gruppenausstellung , C.Rockefeller Center?

- La Scuderia, C. Rockefeller Center Dresden mit Philipp Putzer

- C.Rockefeller Collection Groupshow, Raum Linksrechts Hamburg

- Screening at Lipsiusbau (Skd)


- When Mashines are Dreaming, Technic Collections Dresden

- Reclaim your Brain/ C.Rockefeller Center Dresden


- project idea, planning, curation and participation in /C. Rockefellercenter Rookie League

- participation at "Anno-Projekt" im Kloster Siegburg, Köln


- Exhibition for the DCA tour, Fliesseneck Dresden

- Social Haze, Wuppertal 


Member of "Deutschland and Friends e.V" and Part of C. Rockefeller Center oft he contemporary Arts

In partnership with C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts, Dresden.
With support of Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds.

Date of residency 8. 10. 2019 - 31. 10. 2019