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Yonatan Raz Portugali

Yonatan Raz Portugali is author from Israel. His writing is usually based on personal texts he finds in public archives. A good example would be a short story called “Notes from the Minucipal Archive” where he narrates his childhood in Jaffa through complain-letters his mom wrote to the Tel Aviv Municipality between 1987-2001. You can read it here.

While at MeetFactory, he would work on finishing a family saga called "Portugalim", based on the failed literary careers of three generation in his family, and researching for his next novel that is set, mostly, in the Czech Republic. The novel is following him and author´s mom's travels in the Czech Republic in search for traces of her father, who stayed in Prague after the war, when the rest of the family went to Israel.

Yonatan Raz Portugali has an M.A in Yiddish Literature from Tel Aviv University, and he writes regularly for "Haaretz Literary Supplement", Israel's leading literary journal and review. He also published a couple of English-written political essays at "N+1" magazine.

He had published a short-prose book called "My neighbor works in television". His second collection, "You touch the ball so gently, like you don’t want to play", would be published this year.