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Yvonne Vácha – Mane

Born in 1969 in Prague (Czech Republic) with Czech - African (Senegal) roots. Lives and works in the capital of Prague. Yvonne is a painter, an actress and a dance performer (movies, commercials, film serie, photoshoots).
She has experience with design, graphics, illustrations and work for magazines.

1983 – 1987 Studied at the Secondary Vocational School of Fine Arts of Václav Hollar,
1987 – 1993 Studied and graduated at UMPRUM the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague with the title MgA. (Magister Artist)

1990 - Cultural centre Petynka, African rhythms with the YO YO Band group, solo exhibition of works after a month stay in Senegal (drawings, paintings)
2001 - The Portheimka Gallery, 30th anniversary of the Sluníčko magazine, collective exhibition (illustration, collages) In charge of selection, installation and redaction of works.
2005 - Café-gallery Serpentýna, collective exhibition (paintings on wooden boards)
2014 - Džoudy Teahouse Gallery, solo exhibition “My Inspirations” (paintings on canvas)
2018 - Topičův salon Gallery, UMPRUMEM 92/93 – CRASHTEST 8, collective exhibition of VŠUP absolvents
2020 - Smetana-Q Gallery, Opening – Galerie Fasáda, Happening Zažít město jinak (Different City Experience), collective exhibition, windows on the façade of a building (painting on wooden board)
2020 - Exhibition Radion Gallery Amsterdam (Victory Art)

The residency is in the cooperation with Display – Association for Research and Collective Practice

Date of residency: 1. 10.–30. 11. 2020