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CT / Kostka Gallery / Anna Hulačová, Tereza Příhodová, Karolina Rossi (CZ): Canon

Kostka Gallery
Curator: Karina Kottová
Opening: 18. 11., 19:00
Exhibition duration: 18. 11. - 6. 12. 2015

In the collaborative work of three distinctive artists, where diverse motives and approaches overlap, canon is understood as an unorthodox universe. The pillars of the imaginary temple are based on the common belief in nature, traditional symbols, chaos and order, original roots of spiritual practices, or the eloquence of materials. The exhibition is led by the desire to capture all of this in a united narrative, just as contemporary as it is timeless.

We pay homage to beauty, desire and mystery. We revere all living things within and without, namely a glowing heart, the falling leaves, a penetrating look, hunger for knowledge and a good appetite.

We walk the streets of Prague, London, Warsaw, New York and Bangkok.

We pick mushrooms in the woods.  

- We give birth to children.
- We shop on the Internet.
- We weld, paint, carve and theorize.
- We haven’t got bees in our bonnets neither did a higher wisdom fall upon us from Heavenly Heights.
- We love jewelry.
- We burn bridges.
- We consider our own capacity to find self-realization in the mutant echoes of the patriarchal order.
- Our concept consists in an irrational awareness.
We do not wish to convince anybody.
- We are organized yet sometimes we turn into wild beasts.
- We follow our surroundings more than the news.
We fall for Facebook.
- We create things that seem to be old or whose time has not yet come.
We do not fear ideals, even if they intensify our doubts.
- Sometimes we feel lost.
We believe in the Universe where Buddha and Christ are young and sexy.     

We are women and we build temples.

Anna Hulačová (1984) studied at the Studio of Intermedia II at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. In 2010 she paid a study visit to the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, South Korea. She is an outstanding sculptor, whose work updates traditional arts and crafts and translates into the language of contemporary art the inspiration found in old mythologies, Eastern cultures, but also in Czech folk traditions. Hulačová presented her work in many Czech renowned institutions and art galleries, such as the MeetFactory, National Gallery in Prague, and Hunt Kastner Artworks. In 2014 the artist was granted a residential stay at CEAAC in Strasbourg.  

Tereza Příhodová
(1987) is a Photography graduate from the Prague FAMU. She paid a semestral study visit to École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nice, “Villa Arson” in France. Příhodová artworks proceed from the photographic medium, formed by the artist into experimental implementations on the borderline between an installation, sculpture or a video. Her main theme is nature and her laws, in physical or conceptual sense. Příhodová presented her works mainly at independent art galleries and exhibition spaces throughout the Czech Republic, for instance at the Karlin Studios, the Pavilon Gallery and Berlínskej model, abroad in Milan, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Karolina Rossi
(1983) graduated from Vladimír Kokolia Studio at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. She also paid a study visit to Ecole superieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence in France. In her prevailingly abstract painting, Rossi made her own sophisticated alphabet of means of expression, working skillfully with intuition, sensitivity and the “innocent eye” at the same time. Apart from classical painting on canvass Rossi makes imaginative watercolors and watercolor collages, from small formats to site-specific spatial implementations. She exhibited e.g. at the Karlin Studios, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny in Jihlava and St. Pölten in Austria.