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The main focus of the study is the elements of drawing, evolving freely into more complicated drawing principles. We prefer classic concept of the lessons – live model studies. The nude _ figure 1:1, half figure, anatomy, freely composed still life, plaster models _ figure, bust, sculptural group etc. Drawing with pencil, charcoal, ruddle, and gradually color is added _ pastel, watercolor, china ink. The choice of topics is proposed by the tutor and discussed. 

 TOPICS OF THE STUDIES Perspective / spatial solutions Composition / principles of a picture composition, surface, structure, material expression Head / after a live model / portrait Plaster / study after a plaster model / bust - antiquity, renaissance, baroque etc. Figural drawing / to a live model Still life / built composition / building of space by means of shaded coloring Free copy according to one’s own choice / individual choice of technique  

The students use their own utensils / as recommended by the tutor.  

Price for one semester is 8.000 CZK. In case of two or more branches chosen a discount applies.

- Filip Černý,

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