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Colder Layers of Air (Eng. subs)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

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Director: Viktorie Čermáková
Stage and Costume Design: Barbara Wojtkowiak
Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec
Production: Dominika Andrašková
Actors: Anita Krausová, Dana Marková, Jakub Gottwald, Daniela Voráčková
Antje Rávic Strubel: Chladnější vrstvy vzduchu / Colder Layers of Air

“Just say ‘Hi baby.’ and ask her if she'll go to bed with you. But only outside the campsite." The MeetFactory Theater presents the site-specific performance Colder Layers of Air that takes place on the residential floor of the MeetFactory building. Colder Layers of Air premiered on the 16th and 19th of May 2013 during the student festival Fronta.

Anje is a thirty-year old woman living in East Germany. She works at the summer camp in one of the most beautiful parts of Sweden, Värmland, in order to run away from her stereotypical, unsuccessful life in the city and also from herself. Swedish landscapes are rather abrasive -she is forced to cope with her job at the summer camp and the bitter children that attend it. The atmosphere between the camp counsellors shifts between a cult-like affiliation and an unbearable sickness.

One day an unknown, beautiful woman visits the camp. She tells Anje, whom she addresses with a male name, a bizarre story and shows her a mysterious, abandoned house that is rumored to have belonged to the Swedish author Selma Lagrelöf. The erotic utopian story that develops between Anje and the unknown beauty puts in motion a chain of strange situations that result in a tragic event. This is an adventurous love story with fast car rides, crime, campfires, dancing, flower eating, Champagne, wine, gigantic ants, sex in new bed sheets, potato peeling, and last but not least, death in a lake. The children are left aside.

"I'm going to the lake, Mommy".

: 200 Kc, and there is a 40% discount for students and the handicapped.

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This production is in Czech with English subtitles.