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KineDok at MeetFactory: Siblings Are Forever

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

12. 12. 19:30

Another part of the series of documentary screenings from the KineDok distribution will present a Norway movie Siblings Are Forever. The screening in MeetFactory Gallery will be complemented with guided tour of the current exhibition Time After Time and a follow-up discussion with the filmmaker Frode Fimland.

MeetFactory Gallery evening program:
7:30 pm | guided tour of the exhibition Time After Time
8 pm | Siblings Are Forever screening
9 pm | discussion with the filmmaker Frode Fimland   

Entrance fee for screening is 60 CZK.   

Siblings Are Forever, 
Norway 2013, Frode Fimland, 75 min

Siblings are Forever is a warm and poetic documentary about a brother-and-sister couple, Magnar and Oddny. Both are about 70 years old. They live on the family farm at Kleiva in Naustdal, a few miles from Førde in Sogn & Fjordane county. The siblings run the farm in about the same manner as it was run by several generations before them. They are content, above all else, to continue this tradition for as long as their health permits them to do so.

From all appearances, it seems that time has stood still for them, nevertheless, it is running out. Most of the film's subject matter is about life in the natural surroundings, in the barn and inside the home. The highlight of their existence is when they take their livestock on the annual pilgrimage to the mountains for summer grazing. This entails both summer holidays and summer chores at the same time. But can this routine last forever? Advancing age and failing health are reasons for questioning whether there is to be summer grazing in the mountains this year. If so, will this be the last year of summer pastures?  

It is about people who live the way many Norwegians lived before petroleum-driven wealth changed almost everything: Closely entwined with the grandiose natural surroundings, while at the same time impoverished in terms of financial wealth. This is a film about people who allowed time to lapse at a slow rate, despite the fact that time in the modern age raced beyond them.