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Documentary films in a gallery? KineDok at MeetFactory promises remarkable experiences  

29 September, Praha – Screenings of the latest documentary movies thematically connected with  current exhibitions and complemented with Q&A sessions with artists and filmmakers of the selected artworks and movies. This is the new collaborative project of the  centre of contemporary art MeetFactory and KineDok, the alternative distribution platform focusing on documentary films, starting from October 2016.

However, KineDok at MeetFactory doesn't aim at becoming yet another ordinary cinema. “Screenings in the gallery spaces will be complemented with curator-guided tours of current exhibitions or follow-up Q&A sessions with artists and filmmakers or protagonists of the screened movies,” explains Šárka Maroušková,  MeetFactory PR Manager.

The series of documentary film screenings from the KineDok distribution kicks-off on October 5th with a Latvian movie My Father the Banker in which the director describes a dramatic life story of her father, university professor and later a wealthy banker, who was found by Interpol 18 years after escaping from Latvia in a Malaysian mental asylum. Before the screening will take place a guided tour of exhibition Laughter and Forgetting, which explores the malleability of memory, pain of laughter, the interrelationship between the public and private lives and the deception of human relationships. The screening will be complemented with a follow-up discussion with the filmmaker Ieva Ozolina.

On Tuesday 1st November there will be a screening of a Polish-German documentary by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski titled Domino Effect about the great love story from Black Sea marked by the shadow of the Russian power. The last screening of 2016 is scheduled for Monday 12th December., A Norwegian documentary by Frode Fimland titled Siblings Are Forever about the brother-and-sister couple living on the family farm at Kleiva in Naustdal and running the farm in about the same manners as it was run by several generations before them.

The KineDok at MeetFactory screenings can house up to  several dozen visitors. Tickets for screenings will be available on-line at or at the door before the screening. Entrace fee is 60 CZK.

More informations about the project are on the MeetFactory website in the section KINEDOK.

MeetFactory is supported in 2016 by a grant from the City of Prague amounting to 10.000.000 CZK.
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