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Consequences of the bizarre II: Irina Andreeva vs. Posetitěl muzeja

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Consequences of the bizarre II: Irina Andreeva vs. Posetitěl muzeja

7. 10. 19:30

Consequences of the Bizarre – II

[consequence: something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions]
[bizarre: odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode]
[theater: from Greek theatron - literally "place for viewing“] 

For several thousands of years, the theater was a source of entertainment, education, critique, reflection…people met together to watch a story that was performed for them on stage. In 1895, the first motion picture appeared. There was no set, no sound, and the whole movie was no longer than five minutes. In just one hundred years, film has become the most widespread form of mass entertainment. But how are these two artistic genres – the theater and film - connected? Why is it so natural for us to associate the two, whether in specialized publications, areas of study or magazines?In Consequences of the Bizarre II we want to not only examine the relations between theater and film, but also map out their relations to other genres – genres they are both dependent on, as is performance, sound, design, text, and perform them live, here in the MeetFactory. We chose five films that were either created by theater makers or that are in some way very closely related to the theater. We addressed five artists, each of them expressing themselves in a different form. We offered them the films – some of them were accepted, some of them rejected. We searched for new films. Their task is to let the films inspire them and to show us the fruits of this inspiration: to perform, the play, to install, to read and to project. A live performance will then take place every second month in MeetFactory.

 October 7th, 7.30 pm
Irina Andreeva vs. Posetitěl muzeja

“What is it about the human soul, so grand and yet so petty, so strong and yet so obedient, that it endures the rule of a tyrant in silence and allows itself to be completely manipulated?” asks the Jurodivy* Irina Andreeva will confront the anti-utopian film about an ecological as well as human catastrophe of Ukrainian director Konstantin Lopushanky in her physical performance. The subject: destruction. What went wrong and whose fault is it? Why didn´t we listen to the warnings when they were still warning us? After receiving her diploma in theater directing from the Russian city of Cheljabinsk, Irina Andreeva worked with the theater group DO-THEATRE in St. Petersburg and later joined the group DEREVO. She is the co-founder of the physical theater group Teatr Novogo Fronta. In her work, she examines the relationship between the body of an actor and the space surrounding them.

*Jurodivy: in Russian "The Holy Fool“. They can see into one´s soul. They know what the future will bring. They can speak the truth, without being punished for it. 

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