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Mother city

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

21. 1. - 7. 2. 2016

Opening: 21. 1. 2016, 19:00
Exhibition duration: 21. 1. - 7. 2. 2016
Artist: Jiří Žák (CZ)

A video, an essay, a documentary or a fictional narrative called Mother City relates to the specific historical context of colonization of the Brazilian territories by the Bata company. The artist concentrates solely on activities and plans of J. A. Bata in several cities in South America which intervened into the shape of the landscape as well as into the way of life of local population.

Jiří Žák is this year's laureate of EXIT Award which is awarded to students of art colleges in Czech Republic and Slovakia and its main ambition is to motivate young students for independent creative presentation.

Curatorial text here.