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The Lover (Eng. subs)

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Avraham B. Jehošua (born. 1936): Lover
                                                                             Premiere:  1. 5. 2014

This play will be the theater debut of the famous film director Radim Špaček, among whose works include Young Men Discovering the World (1996), taking place during the War in Jugoslavia and the award-winning Walking Too Fast (2009).

"Their people are dying again, and once they start dying, we have to keep to ourselves. They don´t hate us, we´re simply air to them. Hand me this, bring me that, pick this up, sweep that up, take that apart, move out of my way. This is how they think of us. And once their people start dying, they´re tired all of a sudden, they get upset for no reason, especially right before or right after the news. I hate the news. Half truth, half lies, and lots of nonsense used to brainwash everyone.”

This is first theater adaptation of the Israeli best-selling novel.This non-traditional story takes place in Haifa right after the Yom Kippur War. The forth Arab-Israeli war occurred in 1973, when the Arab coalition launched a joint surprise attack on Israel on the holiest day in Judaism. Although Israel won the war, it suffered great losses – with 2838 dead and 8800 injured.Adam, our main character, is searching for the lost lover of his wife. After being enlisted in the army, he never returned, and no one has any news of him. The search for the Lover becomes a search for lost identity, for one´s place in the world and for a way out of solitude. A story of exceptional love that reaches beyond all rules and norms. A love that is as cruel and uncomfortable as the condition of Israeli post-war society itself. But a love that is worth living.

"I have longed to work as a theater director for a long time now. And I´m glad that it will happen here in MeetFactory." Radim said after the first rehearsal.

Directed by: Radim Špaček / set and costume design: Jana Preková, music by: Ivan Acher / dramatization and dramaturgy: Matěj Samec / production: Dominika Andrašková / cast: Robert Nebřenský, Jitka Prosperi, Anita Krausová, Jan Cina, Miluše Hradská a Petr Šmíd

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This production is in Czech with English subtitles.