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Word for Word

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

12. 9. - 27. 10. 2013

Exhibiting artists: Robert Šalanda (CZ), Dušan Záhoranský (CZ) 
Curator: Karina Kottová

Exhibition architect: Jan Pfeiffer

MeetFactory Gallery opens this autumnal season with a joint exhibition project of two significant artists, active on the current Czecho-Slovak art scene, Robert Šalanda and Dušan Zahoranský. A collaborative installation of a somewhat younger artistic pair who met during their semestral study in Berlin: Czech artist Antonin Jirát and Spanish Martin Llavaneras, opens on the same day at the adjacent Kostka Gallery. While the first mentioned exhibition explores text, fonts and signs we encounter not only in linguistics but also in the city, either by means of painting or presenting objects, the other project treats its topic “swamps, snares or a fix” on a less controlled level, haunted by inexplicable phantasy and wild imagination on the verge of reality and dream.

The Word for Word exhibition is itself a sort of visual poetry transferred into an actual context. Both artists created new works for it, which reflect not just their current pondering on the topics mentioned, but also respond to the specific gallery’s space and to discussions evolved from this rather surprising connection within one exhibition – it is these artists’ first collaborative project.

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