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The Trouble Is Staying

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

25. 6. - 8. 9. 2019

The Trouble Is Staying is an exhibition that draws on Donna Haraway’s idea of moving beyond conventional narratives of hope or despair to speak to, and deal with, the troubled conditions of an exhausted planet. Haraway suggests that we must instead learn to stay with the trouble by making oddkin: ‘we require each other in unexpected collaborations and combinations, in hot compost piles. We become-with each other or not at all.’

Seven international artists embrace this philosophy of co-existence; collectively their works create possible ethics and praxes for rendering the world into a matter of care. Through gestures, words, sound, and surprising symbioses, they envision a world where multi-species ‘critters’, both human and non-human alike, make each other capable and response-able to reworld, reimagine, relive and reconnect with one another.

Two new performances by Vivian Caccuri (BL) and Rachel Pimm (UK)  took place at the opening: Vivian Caccuri, Garganta / Throat (2010/2019)* and Rachel Pimm, Volcano ASMR (2019).**



Artists: Vivian Caccuri, Patricia Dominguez, Ane Graff, Ingela Ihrman, Pedro Neves Marques, Rachel Pimm, André Romão
Curator: Inês Geraldes Cardoso 
Opening: 25. 6. 2019 
Free entry 
PhotoRomana Kovácsová (opening); Jiří Thyn (installation

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Additional events: 
30. 7. MeetFactory Soirée: The New Dictionary of Old Ideas 
19:30 screening: Pedro Neves Marques, Semente Exterminadora / Exterminator Seed (2017)
20:30 performance: 
Vivian Caccurri: Garganta / Hrdlo / Throat (2010/2019)


*Vivian Caccuri, Garganta / Throat (2010/2019)
Performance by a choir referencing the colonial histories of Brazil, shaped irreversibly by deeply entangled human and non-human (mosquito) actors.
Choir directed by Marie Křovinová featuring the voices of : Veronika Pichot (soprano), Klára Wimmerová (soprano), Barbora Jančulová (alto), Silvie Šulanová (alto), Petr Jedelský (tenor), David Ulbrich (tenor), Tomáš Myslivec (bass), Martin Zemánek (bass).

**Rachel Pimm, Volcano ASMR (2019)
Sound performance drawing on the artis's fieldwork in the Rift Valley, Ethiopia, using a variety of elements to produce sounds associated with the landscape of the volcano. Pimm will integrate the principles of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) - an experience of ‘low-grade euphoria’ caused by specific auditory or visual stimuli that can elate and relax those who experience it.


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