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René Alejandro Huari Mateus (CO/DE)

René Alejandro Huari Mateus (CO/DE)

René has lived as an immigrant in Germany for the past 15 years, long enough to be located in different constellations, where the understanding of what Homeland is has also acquired different colors. There is no Belief like home. Home makes people protect themselves, stay and move. Moving, for some people in this world is the only option and for others it is a luxury. Stopping, is for some resistance and for others mere conformism. The dialectic of what makes us move - or not move - directs the choreographic interest of René, who materializes that dialectic using the fruitful poetic tension between dance and choreography.

They has studied chemistry, dance and choreography. Since 2015, they is working on their Master's degree in choreography and performance at the Institute of Applied Theater Studies in Giessen, where they has found the theoretical foundation transformed into a desire to continue making art together with others. In Prague, René hopes to meet people who want to move with them and explore the vivid concept of sissyness.

We must find and recover the ways to collectivize social reproduction, because history has contaminated us with the delusional need to procreate individualistic subjects within closed families, which exist in all senses with the sole reason to accumulate.

Date of residency:  1. 4.–31. 5. 2019