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Only Transitions and Translations

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

9. 6. - 20. 8. 2023

The exhibition concept is based on the principle of "non-reduction", which conceives the exploration of reality as a network of autonomous actors. Bruno Latour, a leading proponent of this approach, states that "nothing is in itself either reducible or irreducible to anything else, therefore everything we consider real is only real if it has stood the test of strength with something else; there are no equivalences, only transitions, and translations." 

The exhibition Only Transitions and Translations takes inspiration from this notion and sees it as an opportunity to turn attention away from "art" as a product created on the basis of a precise autonomous conception, of artistic expression as a network of diverse actors and the relationships between them. Our world is woven of networks: The exhibition borrows this statement and understands it as an entry-linking theme, and uses several examples of different approaches to show how networks as active agents can be seen in the context of different constructions of realities such as (personal) mythology; the coexistence of living and non-living entities; the hierarchy of low and high, lesser and greater, good and bad; the self-perception of personal or social roles; normal orders and assumed truths or potentially activist "knots".

Only Transitions and Translations
9. 6.–20. 8. 2023 
opening: 8. 6. 2023 

Artists:  Anežka Abrtová, BCAA system, d'epog, Sarah Dubná, Denisa Langrová, Bronislava Orlická, Ruta Putramentaite, Dominik Styk, Alex Sihelsk* & an_tonie
Curators: Amálie Bulandrová, Ján Gajdušek
Architecture: Adéla Vavříková, Magdalena Uhlířová
Designer: Marko Čambor
Production: Petra Widžová
Graphic: Matúš Buranovský, Jiří Macků

Additional Programme:
17. 8. Soirée: Čáry máry | d'epog, Mat213, Anna Ročňová, Step By Step, A–i–R*s 
free entry 

Exhibition photos by Jan Kolský 
Curator's text


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