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Kostka Gallery: Open Call for Exhibition Projects in 2018 - results announcement

MeetFactory Gallery curator Eva Riebová with Lucia Kvočkáková and Piotr Sikora (Artist-in-Resideny program curators) have selected the following artists for exhibition projects that will complete the exhibiton plan for the Kostka Gallery in 2018:

Rodrigo Arteaga (CL/UK): Placed into Abyss
Arteaga´s project main topic is the history and gradual evolution of greenhouses that are connected to biologist and researcher Frank Steinberg. His greenhouses contained over 200 species of tropical plants that were uknown in 19th century. The greenhouses constructions were destroyed and rebuilt many times during the years and each new model contributed to the development of greenhouse architecture and cultivation. Kostka Gallery project will reconstruct each greenhouses models, the lost flower´s species including. We could namet his project artist or fictional archeology inspired by real historical event.

Viktor Dedek (CZ): solo exhibition
Project theme is the result of author´s longterm interest in fictional and literary worlds: „I wonder what is the nature of the space that is creating while we are reading literary text, listening the story, walking through the flat dreaming and remembering. Every time the spaces are created in time – it does not mean that the final spaces are linear though.“ Kostka Gallery exhibition will transform artist´s authorial text into the space form using the props and hinted labyrinth that allow to both linerary walk through the story and span it all for the first view.

Depending on the availability of the selected applicants we may call on the following shortlisted candidates to participate in forthcoming exhibitions:
  • Anna Adám
  • Amélie Laurence
  • Beth Fox
  • Ondřej Vicena
  • Pavel Příkaský & Martin Herold

We regret that our capacity doesn't enable us to support more projects and we congratulate to the selected artists!

Open call was announced by MeetFactory o.p.s. and it was addressed to Czech as well as foreign authors active in the fine arts, architecture, design, stage design and related disciplines.

We have chosen out of 236 submitted applications from the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ghana, Chile, India, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Canada, Columbia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, Geramany, Nietherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Syria, Spain, Schwitzerland, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, US.