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Josef Pánek: Love in the Time of Global Climate Change

Untraditional travelogue in India, Iceland and Academy of Science.Full of clashes with irritating reality and with unbearable self. Is there a place on the world where wouldn’t encounter ourselvers?


Shooting Up 

Martin and Jon have returned from mission in Afghanistan, their colleague Alex will never return. Daniel was army chaplain but when he returned from Afghanistan he left the church. Linda left Jon, Martin left Isabela. They all would love to hear stories from war, but Martin and Jon aren't able to say a lot about it. Nothing happened there or is war trauma so big? 

Director and sets: Filip Nuckolls / Screenplay and dramaturgy: Matěj Samec / Costumes: Lucie Šperlová / Music: Ondřej Švandrlík / Production: Magda Juránková / Acting: Jakub Gottwald, Zbyšek Humpolec, Ctirad Götz, Anita Krausová

Dogs Days

The southernmost city in the EU. The island on which Calypso held Ulysses prisoner for seven years. At one point, it had more than 8000 inhabitants, but erosion and the depletion of natural resources – particularly water – led to a dramatic decrease in population. Most of the visitors are adventurers who come here to “find themselves”. Like Jamie, whose relationship with Julia has run its course. The heat in Greece is truly extreme, wildfires are common, and Julia arrives to try and awaken for the last time the nearly extinguished emotions between her and Jamie. They decide to try a strange experiment. A corpse is found by the roadside. Climate change has fatal effects on people’s behaviour. How was your summer? 

Script and dramaturgy: Matěj Samec / Director: Natálie Deáková / Sets:  Pavel Svoboda / Costumes: Jana Smetanová / Music: Jakub Kudláč / Production: Magda Juránková / Acting: Pavel Neškudla, Zuzana Ščerbová, Lucie Domesová, Anežka Šťastná

Guardians of the Civic Good 2

A peculiar family of five has been all ablaze with the presidential election, from January to December 2018. The family conflict reveals diametrically opposing views of the last 30 years of Czech politics. What is the legacy of the “golden” 1990s? Why did the losing candidate, Jiří Drahoš, go quiet? Why does Marie want to divide queers into rich and poor? Does work take people’s money? What silenced voice does Michal want to support, and how will the situation with grandma pan out? Eight years after the publication of the eponymous novel to which this play by Petra Hůlová is an autonomous sequel, this dramatised description of Czech society “in the eyes of the defeated” gets a new and ruthless urgency.

Script: Petra Hůlová / Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec / Director: Adam Svozil / Sets and costumes: Ján Tereba / Production: Magda Juránková / Acting: Zuzana Ščerbová, Natália Drabiščáková, Tomáš Petřík, Zoja Oubramová, Vladimír Pokorný

Juli Zeh: Dark Matter

An unconventional detective story in which both the culprit and his motive are known to us from the very beginning. The worlds of two leading physicists who differ drastically from one another: while one of them believes in the causal approach to life, the other is an adherent of the many-worlds interpretation. Once, they were close friends. Or are they still?

Translation: Jana Zoubková / Director: Lucie Ferenzová / Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec  / Scene object: Pavel Sterec / Scene, Costume: Andrijana Trpković / Music: LO/VE / Production: Magda Juránková / Actors: Kristýna Frejová, Jakub Gottwald, Michal Balcar, Markéta Dvořáková

Sara Baume: Spill Simmer Falter Wither

Ray lives alone in his father’s house. Without bonds or relationships, without his own place in the world, without a kindred soul. One day he gets himself a mutilated, one-eyed dog from a shelter. This is how a strong story of one atypical love begins, which finds its poignant punchline by gradually discovering Ray’s complicated past and by means of an adventurous

and purifying journey through four seasons of the year.

Translation of the novel: Alice Hyrmanová McElveen/ Directed by: Viktorie Čermáková/ Sets and costumes: Jana Preková/ Music: Myko/ Dramatization a dramaturgy: Matěj Samec/ Production: Magda Juránková/ Acting: Eva Salzmannová


Irvine Welsh: The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins
Story of two women, based on the Irvine Welsh novel. 
Translation: Robert Tschorn/ directed by: Natália Deáková/ setting, costumes: Jana Smetanová/ score: Jakub Kudláč/ staging and dramatics: Matěj Samec/ production: Magda Juránková   

Cast: Zuzana Stivínová and Anita Krausová 

Judith Hermann: Where Love Begins
The story about stalking, based on the novel of Berlin author Judith Hermann
Translation: Petr Štědroň / stage direction and stage: Filip Nuckolls / costumes: Lucie Šperlová / music: Ondřej Švandrlík / dramatization and dramaturgy: Matěj Samec / production: Magda Juránková 

Cast: Anita Krausová, Jakub Gottwald, Diana Toniková, Lucie Domesová, Jan Jankovský / Filip Nuckolls